Educational components of the educational and scientific program of the third “educational and scientific” level of higher education 184 Mining


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Educational and methodological support and syllabuses of educational component

Educational component name Status (normative/selective) Volume of ECTS credits Form of semester control


1 Philosophical principles of scientific activity normative 2/4 Offset/Exam syllabus
2 Foreign language for scientific activitie normative 3/3 Offset/Exam syllabus
3 Geomechanical processes in rock massif normative 6 Exam syllabus
4 Mathematical modeling of geomechanical
normative 3/3 Offset/Offset syllabus
5 Organization of scientific and innovative activities normative 4 Offset syllabus
6 Technogenic geodynamic processes selective 5 Offset syllabus
7 Surface geomechanics in forged areas selective 5 Offset syllabus
8 Applied soil dynamics selective 5 Offset syllabus
9 Related products of facing materials selective 5 Offset syllabus
10 Reconstruction and adaptation of historical underground objects selective 5 Offset syllabus
11 Scientific methods of control of geobuilding and mining processes selective 5 Offset syllabus
12 Strengthening of soils and tectonically disturbed rocks in mining and construction engineering selective 5 Offset syllabus
13 Scientific fundamentals of mathematical processing of engineering research selective 5 Offset syllabus
14 Pedagogical practice
normative 2 Offset syllabus