Admission to the master’s degree

If you want to continue studying after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can enter the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” for the 1st year of master’s degree. You will get the next level of higher education – master’s level. Education at this educational level lasts 1 year 4 months or 1 year 9 months depending on the chosen program for study – educational-professional or educational-scientific. The educational and professional training program is the preparation of masters of a certain field of knowledge for further professional work, the educational and scientific training program is designed for the further scientific work of a graduate of the master’s degree.

Stages of the introductory campaign

If you are entering a master’s degree, you need to pass a single foreign language entrance exam, submit documents for admission and pass a professional entrance test. In the case of successful passing of exams and the results of competitive selection, a recommendation on enrollment to the city on a state order or on places at the expense of individuals/legal entities is provided.

1. A single foreign language entrance exam (SEE) is in the form of SEE. In order to pass SEE, it is necessary to register in the period from May 11 to June 03 18:00 and pass the exam itself in the regional education quality center on June 30. The procedure for electronic registration for graduates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree from KPI Igor Sikorsky this year (see. Registration procedure for SEE graduates of KPI Igor Sikorsky 2021, who wish to enter the master’s degree) is somewhat different from the procedure of electronic registration for graduates of KPI Igor Sikorsky previous years and graduates of other universities (see. The procedure of registration at the SEE of entrants to the master’s degree, who have completed their studies in previous years or enter after the completion of another higher education institution this year). In both cases, it will be necessary to upload scans (not photos from a mobile) of the identity document, a scan of the RNOCP and an official photocrat (a face on a white background without sunglasses in proportions of 3×4) – behind her and photos in the identity document will be allowed to participate in the exam. This year, the only foreign language entrance exam must be taken by all entrants to the Master’s Degree of Igor Sikorsky KPI, as well as the results of EVE 2020 can be accepted (with an estimate of not less than 100). SEE for admission to the master’s degree will be conducted according to the same program as for admission to the first course on the basis of complete general secondary education, except for parts of “Written speech” and “Understanding the language by ear.” Entrants to the Master’s Degree will constitute only parts “Reading” and “Language Use” (see. Foreign Language Entrance Examination Program). The maximum score for passing SEE is 200, the minimum allowed to participate in the competition is 100.

2. Documents for admission to the magistracy are submitted only electronically. According to the state order, you can submit up to 5 applications, the number of applications for the funds of individuals and/or legal entities – a maximum of 30. In order to submit documents, you need to register an e-cabinet from July 1. Applications for selected educational and professional programs will be available from July 15 to July 23, 18:00.

Did you decide to change your profession after receiving your bachelor’s degree? Additional entrance test is not required this year. But it is necessary to make an entrance professional test.

2. Professional entrance examination (PEE) in geoengineering contains questions from 4 disciplines of basic training of approximately equivalent complexity, namely: “Materials Science and Basics of Construction,” “Labor Protection,” “Geomechanics” and “Geology,” which are set out in examination tickets. The examination ticket consists of 4 theoretical and 1 practical questions. For PEE there are 30 exam tickets. All tasks have a professional orientation and their solution requires students not to disparate knowledge of individual topics and sections, but their integrated application of program material disciplines. The term of the professional test is 4 academic hours (180 minutes) without a break and includes tasks from the following disciplines: the basics of mining (1 theoretical question); geomechanics (1 theoretical issue); fundamentals of labor protection (1 theoretical issue); geology (1 theoretical issue); geomechanics (1 practical issue). Entrance examinations on the chosen specialty can be made from July 24 to July 30 in accordance with the schedule of certification commissions. The maximum competitive score П2 for the passage of PEE 200, the minimum – 100.

3. The competitive score for admission for a master’s degree is calculated according to the formula:

CS = 0.25 × П1 + 0.75 × П2 + RA,

where П1 is the evaluation of SEE, П2 is the assessment of PEE, RA is the numerical equivalent of the assessment of the academic ranking of the entrant. The academic rating of the entrant is calculated by the attestation commission on the basis of the appendix to the diploma and the submitted documents on the creative achievements of the entrant according to the formula:

RA = 2 RA + 2 RT,

where RA is the arithmetic average for all indicators given in the appendix to the diploma; RT is a component of creative achievements that takes into account the publication of the entrant.

4. The term of publication of the rating list of entrants indicating recommended for admission to the places of state order no later than August 02. Expiration of the deadline for enrollment requirements for the state order no later than August 07, 1800. Expiration of the period of fulfillment of the requirements for enrollment by entrants participating in the competitive selection for places financed by individuals and legal entities no later than August 14, 1300. Terms of enrollment of entrants: by state order – August 12, at the expense of individuals or legal entities – no later than August 19.

Contact info

For any questions regarding admission to the educational and professional program on geoengineering, filing applications and necessary documents, providing recommendations for enrollment, publishing orders for enrollment, etc., please contact the hotline +380932481225 and +380631397854, e-mail or directly to the IEE Selection Committee, located at: 03056, Kyiv, vul. Borshchahivska, bud 115 204-22. Responsible person of the department Zuevskaya Natalia Valerievna: mob. tel. +380509821771, e-mail

The cost of studying in the 2021/2022 academic year

(according to Annex 1 to the order OU / 72/2021 of 20.04.2021)

FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE SPECIALTY (specialization) The cost of one year of study, UAH
Full-time (day) form of study External form of education
18 Production and technology 184 Mining 24600 12300