The first head of the department of mine construction was Dr. Tekhn. Sciences, professor Mikhailov O.G., specialist in mine work, who led the department from 1948 to 1953. During this time, the admission of students to specialty grew from one to five groups.

After the transfer of O. Mikhailov in 1953 to the Perm Polytechnic Institute of the Department of mine construction were headed by the candidate. tech Sciences, associate professor Rybkin O.D. (1953-1956) and associate professor, candidate. tech Sciences Galushko P.Ya. (1956-1958). In 1958 At the head of the department, a renowned mining specialist Yury I. Kurenkov, chief engineer of the Ukrvugillya plant was invited, which included mines, sections, concentrating factories of Pridneprovsky and Lviv-Volyn basins. He led the department until its closure in connection with the termination in 1959. production of mining engineers-miners, suspension and reduction of recruitment at the faculty in other specialties of the operational direction. For the period from 1948 to 1959. the department worked as a candidate. tech Sciences, associate professor Senchenok MA, Cand. tech Sciences Zagoruiko L.P., Kryzhanivska T.O., before the lectures on mining and construction disciplines were invited, a number of highly qualified specialists were invited – Deputy Director of the Institute of Mining of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, later Dr. Tekhn. Sciences, Academician, Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of the UkrSSR Shcherban O.N., Director of the UkrDNIIProshacht Institute (later Dr.Techn.Sci., Professor, Head of the Department of CIBI) Zherbin M.M., Leading Specialists of this Institute, Ph.D., later Dr. Aksenov VP, Zurabov MA, Baid V.I., which contributed to the involvement of students in a specific project work, instilled appropriate skills.

The increased production of skilled specialists – miners already in the late 1950s led to their overproduction. In this regard, as well as due to the tendency of educational institutions to prepare specialists for the mining industry directly to the regions of the concentration of mining enterprises, many specialties, faculties and even institutes were closed or re-profiled, in particular, the Mining Faculty of the KPI, the Kharkiv and Moscow Mining institutes The department and the department of mine construction ceased to exist, from which some of the students of senior courses were transferred to the Kiev Engineering and Construction Institute.

The department was rebuilt only after 34 years, having somewhat changed the profile of training specialists in mining construction. At the time of its revival, there was a tangible need for training specialists for the construction of underground city facilities in Kyiv and mine workers for the western region of Ukraine. In connection with this decision of the Academic Council of the KPI and the order of the rector No. 60-1 dated March 20, 1991, on the basis of the Department of Technology and Mechanization of Mining Works of the Mining Engineering Faculty of KPI, the training of specialists in the field of “Mine and Underground Construction” and specialization “Construction Urban Underground Structures “and the first set of student groups took place in the same year. A great work on the organization of a new specialty was conducted by the head of the department of TMGR, at that time, the dean of the Mining Engineering Faculty prof. Pyrskii O.A.

Since July 1993 The department of underground construction was organized for the preparation of the abovementioned specialists, the head of which was the laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology of Ukraine, Dr. Tekhn. Sciences, professor Kravets V.G.

Since September 2017, the department has been headed by the Chair of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Stovnik S.M.

According to the order № 7/313 of 13.12.2019 from 03.02.2020. reorganization took place by merging the Department of Engineering Ecology and the Department of Geoengineering and established on their basis the Department of Geoengineering (in accordance with the decision of the Scientific Council of the KPI im. Igor Sikorsky dated October 7, 2019 (Protocol № 9).

From 01.06.2021, the department was headed by professor Dr. Oksana Vovk.