Educational components of educational and professional programs of the second (master’s) level of higher education 184 Mining 2022-2023

F-catalogue of selective academic disciplines of the cycle of professional training for master’s degree holders under the educational and professional program of master’s training in Geoengineering – Download

Code Components of the educational program 
(educational subjects, course projects/works, practices, qualification work)
Number of ECTS credits Final control form Syllabus

Compulsory educational components 

General training cycle 

ЗО 1 Intellectual Property and Patenting 3 credit Download
ЗО 2 Basics of Engineering and Sustainable Development Technologies 2 credit Download
ЗО 3 Practical Foreign Language Course for Business Communication 3 credit Download
ЗО 4 Management of Startup Projects 3 credit Download

Vocational training cycle

ПО 1 Surface Complex of Mining Enterprises 3 credit Download
ПО 2 Geocontrol of Mining Processes 3 credit Download
ПО 3 Underground Enterprises Reconstruction 3,5 examination Download
ПО 4 Specialized Course On Underground Construction 3,5 credit Download
ПО 5 Computer-Aided Design System 3,5 credit Download
ПО 6 Special Methods of Building 3,5 examination Download
ПО 7 Municipal Underground Structures Engineering 3,5 examination Download
ПО 8 Municipal Underground Structures Engineering. Course project 1,5 credit Download

Research component

ПО9.1 Scientific Work on the Topic of Master’s Thesis.  Part 1. Fundamentals of the scientific research 2 credit Download
ПО9.2 Scientific Work on the Topic of Master’s Thesis.  Part 2. Scientific Work on the Topic of Master’s Thesis 2 credit Download
ПО10 Practice 14 credit Download
ПО11 Master’s Thesis Implementation 12 defense Download