Scientific directions

Scientific topics developed by the staff of the department:

  • problems of systematic planning of underground space development of megacities;
  • calculation and design of near-surface geotechnical structures; calculation and design of underground structures of deep foundation;
  • formation of strength parameters of soils and rocks – coal mining waste in a mixture with surfactants and binders under the action of dynamic loads;
  • development of scientific bases for stabilization of weak water-saturated soils by explosive methods;
  • control of the stress-strain state of the foundations of fuel structures;
  • formation of geotechnical characteristics of the soil massif subjected to hydrothermal influence;
  • development of geotechnical methods of fixing deformed soil foundations;
  • ensuring the stability of underground workings in difficult geotechnical conditions;
  • elaboration of scientific bases and methods of forecasting and prevention of landslides in slopes in urbanized and mined areas;
  • modeling of wave processes in an inhomogeneous layered mountain massif disturbed by mining operations;
  • development and application of numerical methods for computer solution of problems of stability of mine workings under the action of gravitational and dynamic loads;
  • mathematical modeling of spatio-temporal stress fields and the development of deformation phenomena in a mountain massif generated by a system of interacting dynamic sources.
  • research in the field of dynamics of the geohydroenvironment, including the processes of its interaction with shock waves, seismic oscillations, earthquakes, man-made vibrations, sea waves;
  • development of anti-seismic and anti-landslide measures through the use of new engineering shielding systems creation of energy-saving seismic technologies of mass blasting for mining in quarries;