According to EIT certificates

If you have just graduated from school, have already received a document on complete secondary education and are compiling or have already completed an external independent evaluation, it is time to choose a future profession. You will enter the educational level of the bachelor’s degree – this is the first level of higher education. Your training at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” will last 4 years. According to the results, you will receive a diploma of full higher education and the right to extend education at the next level – in the master’s degree.

Stages of the introductory campaign

If you have chosen geoengineering as a future specialty and have certificates of EIT in Ukrainian language and mathematics, as well as a certificate of EIT in physics or a foreign language, or chemistry, or biology, or geography, or in the history of Ukraine for 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021, then you have every chance to successfully pass the competitive selection for the desired specialty. To do this, you need to open an e-cabinet, download the necessary documents and apply for admission. According to the results of the competitive selection, the recommendation on enrollment to places on the state order or on the terms of the contract (at the expense of individuals and/or legal entities) is provided.

1. Documents for admission to the bachelor’s degree are submitted only electronically with the exception of entrants on quotas. According to the state order, you can submit up to 5 applications, the number of applications for the funds of individuals and/or legal entities – a maximum of 30. In order to submit documents, including a certificate of residence registration in accordance with Appendix 13 to the Rules of Residence Registration and the Procedure for Transferring Information to the Unified State Demographic Register approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 2, 2016 №207 and others, from July 1, it is necessary to register an electronic cabinet and download the corresponding scanners. Applications for selected educational and professional programs will be available from July 14 to July 23, 1800.

2. The competitive score for admission to the bachelor’s degree in geoengineering is calculated according to the formula:

CB = (0.25 × К1 + 0.5 × К2 + 0.2 × К3 + FDP × 0.05) × GK × VC,

where К1 – rating for the Ukrainian language; К2 – assessment for mathematics; К3 – assessment for physics or a foreign language, or chemistry, or biology, or geography, or history of Ukraine; PGF – assessment for successful completion in the year of admission of the system of pre-university training of the KPI im. Igor Sikorsky (note that if a certificate of the PGF is automatically added through a personal account), GK – 1.02 for applications with priority 1 and 2 or 1.00 in other cases; VC – equals 1.05 for persons registered in villages and who have received complete secondary education in educational institutions located on the territory of villages in the year of admission or 1.00 in other cases. Applicants for studying for a bachelor’s degree on the basis of full general secondary education are allowed for competitive selection in the event of a competitive score of at least 125,000 regardless of the form of education and sources of education funding

3. The term of publication of the rating list of entrants indicating recommended for admission to the places of state order no later than July 28, 1200. Expiration of the deadline for enrollment requirements for the state order no later than August 02, 1800. Enrollment of entrants by state order no later than August 09. Expiration of the period of fulfillment of the requirements for enrollment by entrants participating in the competitive selection for places financed by individuals and legal entities on August 12, 1700. Enrollment of entrants for the funds of individuals and/or legal entities no later than August 17.

Contact info

For any questions regarding admission to the educational and professional program on geoengineering, filing applications and necessary documents, providing recommendations for enrollment, publishing orders for enrollment, etc., please contact the hotline +380932481225 and +380631397854, e-mail or directly to the IEE Selection Committee, located at: 03056, Kyiv, Borshchagivska str., 204-22. Responsible person of the department Zuevskaya Natalia Valerievna: mob. tel. +380509821771, e-mail

List of competition subjects (entrance tests, creative contests) Weight of items of EIT certificate (К1, К2, К3) Weight of certificate of obtaining full general secondary education (К4) Score weight for successful completion of preparatory courses of university (K6) Minimum competitive score for admission to the competition or for enrollment to study on quotas
1. Ukrainian language 0.25 0 0.05 125
2. Mathematics 0.5
3. Physics or Foreign language, or Chemistry, or Biology, or Geography, or History of Ukraine 0.2

The cost of studying in the 2021/2022 academic year

(according to Annex 1 to the order OU / 72/2021 of 20.04.2021)

FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE SPECIALTY (specialization) The cost of one year of study, UAH
Full-time (day) form of study External form of education
18 Production and technology 184 Mining 20900 12300