Scientific groups

Scientific school: Formation of engineering properties of rocks by means of geodynamics

Head – Kravets Viktor Heorhiiovych

Scientific group: NG 14

Leader: Haiko Hennadii Ivanovych,

Name of SG: Development of underground urban planning as a system of alternative design configurations

Scientific group: NG 15

Leader: Stovpnyk Stanislav Mykolaiovych,

Name of SG: Geomechanical management of the foundations for the development of underground infrastructure

Scientific school: Ecologically safe and resource-saving technologies in mining

Head – Remez Natalia Serhiivna

Scientific group: NG 16

Leader: Remez Natalia Serhiivna,

Name of SG: Environmentally friendly geoengineering technologies

Scientific group: NG 17

Head: Kriuchkov Anatolii Ivanovych,

Name of SG: Resource-saving technologies in mining