(old name – Department of Geographic Engineering and Mining Technologies)
(Essay of activity 1948-59, 1993-2021)

Department of Geoengineering (at the time of creation – Department of Mine Construction) was founded at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in September 1948. in connection with the acute deficit in the postwar period of specialists – mine builders. Reconstruction of mining and processing enterprises completely destroyed in the Great Patriotic War began in 1943-44, and in the coming postwar years began reconstruction of old and construction of new coal and ore enterprises of Donbass, Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin, Lviv-Volyn coal basin, mining enterprises for the extraction of manganese ores, sulfur, non-metallic materials In the first years of reconstruction, there was a special need for mining builders, armed with new technologies, new mining machinery and mining complexes. These needs were to be met by the opening of new training centers for mining specialties – universities and faculties, corresponding to an increase in student admission.

The first set of students-miners was carried out at the expense of students of the specialty “Development of mineral deposits” of the first and second courses of admission in 1946 and 1947. Further admission to the specialty “Mining Construction” increased: in 1952 to two groups, and in 1953 – up to three groups of studying at the hospital.

Increased graduation of qualified specialists – miners already in the late 1950s led to their overproduction. In this regard, as well as due to the tendency to approach educational institutions for training specialists for the mining industry directly to the regions of concentration of mining enterprises, many specialties, faculties and even institutes were closed or repurposed, in particular, the mining faculty of the KPI, Kharkiv and Moscow mining institutes. The Department of Mining Construction ceased to exist, from which some of the senior students were transferred to the Kiev Engineering and Construction Institute.

The department was revived only 34 years later, somewhat changing the profile of training specialists in mining construction. At the time of its revival, the need for training specialists for the construction of underground urban structures in Kiev and mine builders for the western region of Ukraine became tangible. In this regard, the decision of the Academic Council of the KPI and the order of the rector № 60-1 of 20.03.1991. On the basis of the Department of Technology and Mechanization of Mining Works of the KPI the training of specialists in the specialty “Mining and underground construction” and the specialization “Construction of urban underground structures” was started. Extensive work on the organization of a new specialty was carried out by the Head of the Department of TMHR, at that time the Dean of the Mining Faculty of the Prof. Pyrsky O.A.

Since July 1993 for the training of the aforementioned specialists, the Department of underground construction was organized, the head of which was appointed the laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology of Ukraine, Dr. Technical Sciences, Professor Kravets V.G. The recruitment of students in the specialty “Mining and underground construction” according to the licensing volume of 60 people was carried out in the amount of 2 groups of 25 people.

The newly formed department was transferred to the laboratory of explosive works (head of prof. V.G. Kravets) and the laboratory of geodesy and surveying (head of the associate professor M.T. Krychenko), which were to be serviced by other departments of mining profile at the faculty. The first graduation of specialists of the specialty “Mining and underground construction” took place in February 1997.

Since December 1998 in connection with the reorganization of the mining faculty, the department became part of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IEE) of NTUU “KPI” and in January 1999. renamed the Department of Geotechnical Construction. Subsequently, for the concentration of bachelor training in the direction 6.0903 “Mining” in the framework of one department in 2000 gradual transfer of training specialists in the specialty “Development of mineral deposits” (now “Development of mineral deposits and extraction”) from the Department of Geotechnology and Engineering Ecology to the Department of Geotechnical Construction with the renaming of the latter to the Department of Geo-Construction and Mining Technologies has begun. Two full-time employees were also transferred to the department – Ph.D., professor Turenko M.O. and assistant Kalyuzhna V.V.

Today, the Department of Geoengineering provides training for specialists in full-time budgetary and correspondence contract forms of training.

The starting part of the department was Prof. V.G. Kravets, Assistant Professor. M.T. Kirichenko, assistant S.M. Stovnyk, and in the following years – Prof. M.M. Lebedev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. L.P. Zagoruyko, Ph.D., Prof. A.M. Samedov (1996) Dr. Techn. nauk), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. I.A. Luchko, Ph.D. O.S. Zhmudenko, member of the Academy of Construction Associate Professor P.P. Lychov, experienced civil engineer V.V. Hohol. Later this composition in 2000 joined Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor Turenko M.O., Assistant Kalyuzhna V.V., Ph.D., Associate Professor Bugaeva S.V.

Famous specialists were invited to read some disciplines as compatibles of Doctor of Technical Sciences V.I. Snisarenko – Head of the Department of Research Institute of Construction Production (since 1998), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. O.O. Vovk – leader. scientific co-author. Institute of Hydromechanics NASU (since 2000), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M.G. Demchyshyn – Head of the Department of the Institute of Geological Sciences of NASU (2001-2007), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor G.I. Black – goal. scientific co-author. SE Research Institute of Building Constructions (1997-2000), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Yu.I. Kalyukh – Head of the Laboratory of SE Research Institute of Building Structures (1999-2000), Doctor of Technical Sciences M.M. Kryzsky – Professor of the Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of the National University of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko (1999-2001), Doctor of Technical Sciences V.V. Boyko – Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Hydromechanics of NASU (since 2010), Doctor of Technical Sciences V.S. Prokopenko – General Director of the enterprise “Technovibukh” (2006-2012).

Involvement in the educational process of leading specialists and scientists from research, design institutes and higher educational institutions allowed to introduce into the educational process the latest scientific and technical achievements, to bring training closer to the concrete practical conditions of production.

The department constantly takes a course on rejuvenation of the composition and is systematically engaged in the preparation of higher qualification personnel. The department was attended by graduates of its and adjacent departments of the Faculty of Mining Engineers N.V. Ivkina-Zuevska, T.V. Kosenko, O.O. Frolov, V.V. Vapnichna, Masters of Mining L.V. Gembarsky, L.V. Shaydetska, Ye. For the period 1996 – 2014. pupil Turenko M.O. assistant Kalyuzhna V.V., pupil of prof., Tkachuk K.K. S.M. Stovnyk, pupils of prof. V.G. Kravets assistants N.V. Ivkin (Zuevskaya), O.O. Frolov, V.V. Vapnichna, A.L. Gan, E.A. Zagoruiko, pupil prof. V.I. Snisarenko graduated from the postgraduate department Master L.V. Gembarsky. After graduating from postgraduate studies at the Institute of Hydromechanics, NASU defended his PhD thesis graduate of the department’s master’s degree, now assistant of the department V.V. Boyko-Mol. (N.S. Remez).

Subsequently, they were trained in doctoral studies by associate professor N.V. Zuevskaya, associate professor O.O. Frolov, associate professor V.V.Kaluzhna). Under the supervision of the scientific consultant prof. V.G. Kravets doctoral dissertations defended Ph.D., associate professor. A.M.Samedov, Ph.D., Associate Professor. N.V. Zuevskaya, Ph.D., Associate Professor. O. Frolov.

In the period from the foundation of the department in 1993 to 2002. the formation of a scientific school on the formation of geotechnical properties of soils and rocks by means of geodynamics of the explosion, which was founded by the head of the department Laureate of the State Prize for Science and Technology of Ukraine (1991) Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.G. Kravets.

At this time, cooperation with leading Polish mining higher education institutions is intensively developing. In the period 2002-2012. joint research works with the Silesian Technical University and the Krakow Mining and Metallurgical Academy aimed at:

  • development of scientific bases and methods of forecasting and prevention of landslides in slopes in urbanized and counterfeit mining areas;
  • scientific substantiation of forecast and technique of prevention of endogenous fires in coal mines;
  • development of modern small-scale explosives to implement and improve the efficiency and seismic security of modern geotechnologies.

Especially fruitful were these works in 2002-2006, when there was an active exchange of experience and joint implementation of research within the agreements on partnership, cooperation and scientific exchange.

Since 2006. The Department of Geographic Engineering and Mining Technologies within the framework of the agreement between NTUU “KPI” and Donetsk National Technical University unites the efforts of several higher education institutions in the direction “Mining and underground construction,” where in addition to traditional areas of cooperation in the scientific and scientific-pedagogical sphere, an annual joint International Conference of young scientists, postgraduate students and students in common areas is organized. In 2010. In order to increase the level of theoretical developments, to obtain opportunities for the use of laboratory bases and to create more favorable conditions for the training of scientific personnel, the Department of №7 of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering named after S.P. Timoshenko of NASU, the educational and scientific center of mining information technologies of the National Mining University, with the research laboratory for the safety of industrial explosions of the Institute of hydromechanics of NAS, – with Zhytomyr State Technical University. The main achievements within the research interests of the department include:

  • construction of a system of equations to consider the specific processes of propagation in the polyethylene shell of the tubular detonating waveguide of the detonation wave and describe the dynamics of the polyethylene cylindrical shell of the tubular detonating waveguide under the action of the axisymmetric load, which can be used to determine the parameters of the waves of deformations and the study of the shaking and spraying phenomena of the small-crystal initiating BV;
  • experimental study of the mechanism of initiation, development and attenuation of the shock wave front in the waveguide shell material without a dusty BP and the formation of a detonation process along the wavelength with a dusty BP layer and obtaining a number of important regularities and conditions for the development and transmission of the detonation process in the system of switched waveguides;
  • establishing the mechanism of interaction of the system of extended sources of dynamic loads that generate shortwave pulses, and the nature of the distribution of stresses in the interaction zone of waves conducting a sharp increase in resonant stresses, enhancing the mechanical effect between sources by 20%.
  • development and testing in polygon conditions of a group of portable units for applying a static (hydraulic piston unit) and dynamic (gas-dynamic device) effort to provide a combined load to separate monoliths. A feature of these units are simple design solutions that simplify their manufacture and use in comparison with existing tools.
  • creation of a combined technology for the construction of anti-filtration screens in structurally unstable soils using a pulsating mechanism for the formation of an explosive cavity and a zone of residual deformations.

In 2012. concluded an agreement on scientific and methodological cooperation with the Varna Technical University “Chernorizets Khrabr.”

During its activity, the teaching staff of the department, teaching and support staff have performed a large amount of work on training specialists, and taking into account the noticeable qualitative growth of staff, the department is further able to provide growing customer requests for qualified specialists for the mining and mining and construction industries of Ukraine and at the same time has significant potential and prospects for further development of research activities.