Wildau-Kharkiv IT Bridge

Teaching in Kharkiv has been affected by the war. The city is located near the Russian border and has been repeatedly under bombardment every day since February 24. Consequently, the normal education process was suspended. With the “Wildau-Kharkiv IT Bridge (WKITB)” project as a part of the DAAD program “Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis”, an inter-university and cross-curricular virtual environment is being created in order to restore studying in the field of IT. Lecturers from the Kharkiv region are making their teachings available to a wide online audience. The WKITB implements an accessible digital platform with educational materials and video-conference service (for Bachelor and Master level). The organisation on the Ukrainian side is done in cooperation with the Kharkiv National University of Radio electronics. On the other hand, the technical and administrative part is provided by the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau.

IT Study programs in Ukraine
“Wildau-Kharkiv IT Bridge” offers various modules for students in the IT field. …

Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis (2022)
The war in Ukraine is affecting many areas. This also includes the education system. Thereby, DAAD is launching a new program “Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis” to support the education in Ukraine by continuing the digital teaching offers. The virtual platform is to be provided by German partner universities.

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