Teaching Staff

Frolov Oleksandr Oleksandrovych

Associate Professor
Born in 1968. Direction of scientific works - drilling work. Author of 19 publications. Teaches disciplines "Aerology of mining enterprises" and "Reconstruction of underground structures".

Haiko Hennadii Ivanovych

Doctor of Engineering, Professor
Scientist in the field of mining and underground construction, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Construction, Professor, Member of the Scientific Society. T. Shevchenko, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine for the department "Construction of mines, mines and underground structures". 1988 Teaches discipline: "Mining", "Construction of Urban Underground Structures", "Underground Structures of Special Purpose", etc. Author of more than 140 scientific publications (including 10 monographs, textbooks and manuals), a member of the main author's collective of Minor Mining Encyclopedia.

Kravets Viktor Heorhiiovych

Head. Dep., d. Sc.. Professor
Dr. Tekhn. Sciences, prof., laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine. Under his guidance, 11 candidate and 2 doctoral dissertations were prepared and defended. He teaches courses "Destruction of rocks", "Designing explosive works", "Explosive work".

Stovpnyk Stanislav Mykolaiovych

PhD, Associate Professor
Head of the Department. Born in 1960 at the Department of underground construction from the day it was founded. He is the author of 20 publications and 8 inventions. He teaches courses "Mechanics of rocks" and "Technology of construction of mines.

Zuievska Nataliia Valeriivna

Born in 1967 Professor of the Department of Geochemistry and Mining Technologies. The main lecture courses: "Materials science and foundations of construction business" (44 lecture hours), "Modern methods of engineering research" (36 lecture hours), "Normative and cost estimates for construction" (36 lecture hours), "Hemology" (18 lecture hours) , "Energy and resource-saving technologies in underground construction" (18 lecture hours). Has 80 printed works.
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