Thesis for a master's degree Stetskiv I.

Stetskiv I.V. Justification parameters extraction of mineral resources in the

sides of pits when mining stratified deposits.

Thesis for a master's degree in the specialty 8.05030101 - Mining and mining. -

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Kiev, 2016.

Dissertation is devoted to establishing the parameters of extraction of reserves

formation of mineral deposits in the sides, which ensure the stability of pit walls

during and after working out.

The calculations of the basic parameters that determine the possibility of safe

and cost-effective application Highwall systems.

According to the research establishment that the development of seams of coal

pillar width interchamber ensuring stability workings, 1.6 times less compared with

the extraction of lignite, that is 1.86 m and 3.0 m respectively.

Modeling of mining stocks stone (mine Okaba, Nigeria) and brown coal

(Semenovskoe field, Ukraine) the Highwall system with auger executive body (round

shape cross section) in the sides and body continuous (rectangular cross-sectional

shape) and calculated values of subsidence surface for installation of stability pit


Applying numerical simulation finite element method with the use of the

criterion of the Mohr-Coulomb strength PLAXIS system.

As a result of coal mining modeling pit wall (cut) found that when placing the

mining circular shape with a diameter of 1.0 in a row at a distance of 4.0 to 0.5 m

apart screw holes destruction does not occur.The results of modeling the behavior of pit wall when placing the screw recess

holes in two rows in a checkerboard pattern indicates that the change in sediment

board surface depending on the distance between production has a certain regularity.

If we compare the value of sediment in well placed in two rows in a staggered

manner and in a single row, the increase in vertical sediment observed for 8 ... 31%.

Simulation of coal mining workings of rectangular cross section shows that at

any distance between the workings vertical surface subsidence does not exceed the

critical level.

In the simulation, development of reserves of brown coal in the sides in

Semenovski field conditions it found that when the screw recess coal mines during

the period of their stability is ensured.

When extracting reserves continuous complex Highwall (MP) sustainability

developments rectangular shape is not provided.

Keywords: board career, stocks boards, mountain, vertical rainfall, deformation,


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