Thesis for a master's degree Siburov H.

Siburov Heorhii Improve resource-saving technology of underground

mining of deposits Steeply inclined powerful iron pools.

Thesis for a master's degree in the specialty 8.05030101 - Mining and extraction

of minerals. - National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute",

Kyiv, 2016.

The thesis is devoted to improving the design parameters of steep ore deposits,

which provide a full extraction, reducing the percentage loss and stability after the

removal of mines.

The analysis of the geological conditions of occurrence of deposits Kryvbas

shows that for the effective development of the field may also be used, in addition to

the existing roof-chamber system design, all-chamber system administrator collapse of

the roof rocks and release the rock from the console.

Modelling of the main conditions that define the safe and effective use of the

proposed technology development.

According to the simulation results establish that the state of stress in the pillar

section and a cross section of rock console determined mainly influenced by altitude

bare array deformed.

Applied numerical simulation finite element method using the strength criterion

Mohr-Coulomb system PLAXIS, and dynamic modeling in 3D, which was performed

using the software system MIDAS GTS NX, which in this case consider models used

iterative method of Newton-Raphson.

Modeling remove the all-chamber system design shows under dynamic loads,

generally by the obtained during the calculation results can state - a temporary ore pillar

and a console that counterfeited, depending on the strain-stress characteristics of the

rocks and the orientation of the front cleaning slots are different conditions as stability

and a slight decrease in the stability of the section of the roof chamber is not critical.

The area above the pillars console is in a stable condition, even under dynamic loads.

In general, the length of the console breeds resistance remains.

Keywords: system development, mining, mining massif geomechanical condition,

stress, technological parameters.

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