Thesis for a master's degree Pasko O.

Pasko .O.Z. The impact of horizontal directional drilling on surface objects

- Manuscript.

Master work is completed the research work, which was first

established on the basis of laws increasing strain on the trajectory of laying

underground pipelines constructed by horizontal drilling depending on the

category of roads.

Analysis of existing methods for assessing the stability of working which

is located forthcoming communication, regardless of the material type of

communication that is laid by horizontal directional drilling, shows that the

laying of the pipeline with a diameter of 315mm from different classes of road

surface on the maximum permissible load deformation acquire values: 29.5 *

10.3 m, 52.3 m and 10.3 * 61.57 * 10-3m when permissible load 360kN,

600kN and 690kN respectively.

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