Thesis for a master's degree Kytovskyi S.

Kytovskyi S. Ensuring the bearing capacity massifs inwashed soils with weak

underlying layers. - The manuscript.

The current state of building activity was examined on alluvial areas with weak

underlying layers. And also we examined the ways of ensuring the bearing capacityof the soil. The most appropriate and effective way was fawn foundation of bored

piles. The effect of hydrodynamic pressures of squeeze pore water was determined on

the soil skeleton. This process was studied in manufacture of augered piles with

vibrocompaction. We established that the hydrodynamic pressure wet and saturated

alluvial sand can cause hydrodynamic prudent array and wring pore water. We

identified dimension of hydrodynamic pressures that squeezed pore water and create

a hydraulic gradient array of water-saturated soil.

For the first time simulated the compaction process wet and saturated soils by

extraction of the pore water in the concrete mix vibrocompacted in the manufacture

of bored piles. It is established that the vibration wave creates forced (push-UPS)

pore water movement, speeds up the filtration process and interacting with the

particles of soil compacts it. Stacked differential equation of soil compaction due to

the effective compressive stresses pore water vibrational forces, and without taking

into account linear creep of the soil skeleton.

For the first proposed method for determining stress components at any point

of the soil body from the action of vertical loads in the bottom end of the pile at great

depths in vibrocompacted. Stacked and solved the differential equations of stress

components at any point on the great depth of soil from the vertical load, using the

biharmonic stress function satisfying the boundary conditions harmonic equations.

The use of biharmonic functions of strains, the so-called functions of the common

Era, have allowed us to construct the solution in a General form and give to the

differential equations of versatility.

Keywords: alluvial soil, peat, zatorfovanist, pile foundations, bored piles,


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