Thesis for a master's degree Kopka I.

Kopka I.O. Development of structural elements of the extended power to

control the mechanical effect of the explosion. - Manuscript.

Thesis for a master's degree in the specialty 8.050301 - Mining and extraction

of minerals. - National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute",

Kyiv 2016.

The purpose of the master's work is to improve the efficiency of blasting in

rocks, such as reducing pereburu or even rejection of it, through the development of

scientifically based parameters and structural elements elongated hole charges.

To achieve this goal in reasonable locations intermediate detonators in hole

charges for amplification steps explosion at the base of the ledge by the interaction of

detonation waves and set minimum permissible distance from the foot well to

intermediate detonators.

Experimentally developed a new design of borehole charge, the use of which

will reduce the size pereburu or even abandon it. Made analytical studies that

confirm the effectiveness of engineering solutions.

Keywords: burovybuhovi work hole charges, the design of borehole charge

perebur, shock waves, detonation wave, detonation velocity, intermediate detonator,

embryonic crack depth zone formation cracks.

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