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Head of Department Geo-engineering

Ph.D., associate professor Stanislav M. Stovpnyk

Department of geo-engeneering prepares the specialists in speciality 184 - "Mining" 

The department combines complex science mining operational, mining constructional, geotechnical tendencies that provides universality of professional knowledge and skills of students under the mining speciality.

During the course students have to master knowledge of specific techniques construction, use and protection underground space, methods of management physical process in the mountain ranges, methods of physical process in the mountain ranges,  affected by natural and technogenic factors, modern technologies, process of extraction and treatment of decorative stone and other minerals.

Basic bachelor degree in education provides students the organization, design and practical application of mining technology and mining construction, architectural planning, the explosive case, marketing, geodesy and mine surveying, estimated case, computer - aided design.

Graduates in the speciality of "Mining" have the opportunity to work in mining enterprises, special objects and objects of urban construction, particularly in Metrobuilding, in research, design organizations companies in the relevant direction.

Bachelors can continue their studies for a full higher education on a competitive basis after the receiving basic higher education. They will able to choose such Master training programmes:

8.090301 - "Mining and extraction of minerals" ( Open cut mining; Technology and extraction equipment and recycling of building materials; Mining and Processing of natural decorative stone; Management of mining);

8. 090302 - "Geotechnical and urban Underground Construction" (Urban underground construction and special facilities; Monitoring emergency of geotechnogenic situations; Computer-aided design of underground construction).


The Department offers education leading to theard  degree by Doctoral Study programmes: «Open cut mining»  and  «Geotechnical and Mining Mechanics» (title awarded «Philosophiae Doctor») also to continue scientifical perfect oneself in that programmes (title awarded «Doctor of Sciences»).  

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