Development and Priorities

The main results of scientific research and development of NT in the priority directions

Research work at the department of geo-engineering and mining technologies was carried out in one priority direction "Fundamental scientific research on the most important problems of development of scientific and technical, socio-economic, human potential for ensuring Ukraine's competitiveness in the world and sustainable development of society and the state". Approved at the meeting of the department (Minutes No. 1 dated August 28, 2012).

Initiative applied research "Creation of resource and energy-saving technologies in geotechnical construction".

In the reporting year, using the results of the performed work, a monograph was published, 10 articles were published, 8 reports were submitted at conferences including 8 international. According to the results of scientific research students defended 2 master's works, protection is planned for 2 master's theses, 2 diploma projects.

On the initiative applied research "Creation of resource and energy-saving technologies in geotechnical construction" (leader Samedov AM).

The theoretical and applied aspects of the development of methods for the installation of vibro-insulating substrates in the bases of underground structures consisting of weak rocks and structurally unstable underlying soils subjected to dynamic influences are researched. Theoretically and experimentally, the conditions and methods of strengthening the bases of underground structures made of structurally unstable earthen, swellable, watered soils, to the depth of the active zone under exploitation under conditions of joint static and dynamic loads are substantiated. Rheological models of a vibrational insulating massive consisting of weak rocks and structurally unstable soils of underlying layers subjected to dynamic influences are proposed; For the first time, the physical modeling of the vibration isolating substrate base was proposed for a rheological model consisting of a Hook spring and Newton shock absorber - layers of gravel and moist (sandwich) sand, proposed methods for determining the parameters of crushed-sand layer based on the intensity of operating dynamic loads; methods of determining the hardness of the vibration isolator system are proposed. An equation of translational oscillations is created from dynamic loads transmitted through supporting structures of the basis with a bedding layer of structural-unstable soil and weak rocks; methods of solutions are given; the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the eigen and forced oscillations of structures of underground structures with vibro-isolated array are determined; the effective hydro-explosive methods of compaction of an array of a substrate layer from structurally unstable soils under the sole of the structures consisting of a solid ground of low power (up to 1.5 m) and a hydroboach soaked to an optimum humidity (14-16%) are proposed.

In the framework of research on the theme of the candidate's dissertation (the senior lecturer L.V. Shaidetska) the problem of the mechanism of action of the cylindrical charge of the explosive substance in the well is greater than the charge of diameter filled with the material of the tin. The regularities of the explosion wave propagation in the environment and the development of the camouflage cavity in time both at the stage of loading of the medium and at the stage of discharge are considered. The mechanism of the triple impulse load of the wall of the charging cavity with its corresponding extension is established.

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