Admission to 5th year (master’s degree)

If you want to continue studying after obtaining the "Bachelor" diploma, then you can join the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky" for the 5th year (1 course of the master's degree). You will acquire the next level of higher education - a master's level. Education at this educational level lasts 1 year 4 months or 1 year 9 months depending on the chosen program of study - educational or vocational or educational. Educational and professional training program is the preparation of masters of a certain field of knowledge for further professional work, educational and scientific training program is intended for the further scientific work of graduate of the magistracy.

Do you continue to study in the same specialty? Then you need to submit the documents from July 1 to August 2 and make introductory tests (the first stage of the tests - from July 5 to July 9, the second stage - from August 5 to August 9). There are two such tests - entrance exam and foreign language.

Did you decide to change your profession after receiving a bachelor's degree? Then you need to file the documents from July 1 to August 2 and complete the main introductory tests (the first stage of the test - from July 5 to July 9, the second stage from August 5 to August 9) and an additional specialty test to determine if you can master the chosen training program.

List of documents for entry:

  • passport or other document certifying citizenship (original and copies)
  • bachelor's degree (original and copies)
  • appendix to the bachelor's degree (original and copies)
  • creative achievements, if available (scientific articles of the chosen specialty)
  • military document (for boys, original and copies)
  • identification code (original and copies)
  • four photos

Copies are certified at the selection boards of the faculties and institutes in the presence of the original. To submit documents to the selection boards, it is necessary to leave copies of documents.

Plans for opening the set for 2019 by the educational degree "master" for the entrants on the basis of the obtained degree (educational-qualification level) "bachelor"

Specialty Educational program Educational-scientific program (share of licensed volume) Educational-professional program (share of licensed volume)
daily daily correspondence
184 Mining Geoengineering 2 38 20

Cost of training in full-time and part-time study

SCOPE OF KNOWLEDGE SPECIALTY Cost of one year of study, UAH
Exact (full-time) form of study Correspondence form of study
18 Production and technology 184 Mining 20200 10000
Radio NTUU "KPI" Authoring program Group vkontakte

Department of educational work

Lessons schedule Schedule session Schedule for teachers